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Unlike some of the advanced technology being used by authorities in the region to surveil citizens, the app is not especially sophisticated. Before the border police can install and operate it, the user has to unlock the phone and hand it over. Analysis shows that the app harvests emails, contact numbers, SMS messages, social media account identifiers and detailed information about the handset, including unique device identifiers.

This appears to provide a guide to the content the Chinese state considers suspicious, including MP3s, documents and pictures.

The app searches the phone for files which are the same size and then generates a fingerprint for that file. Using file hashing databases the Guardian and partners were able to see what the authorities were searching for.

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In our sample most of the files were extremist material such as Dabiq and Inspire, propaganda magazines produced by Isis and al-Qaida, but there was also other content that the Chinese state appears to deem undesirable. The software appears to have been developed in Nanjing by an arm of the Chinese state-affiliated networking company Fiberhome Networks.

How Chinese spy app allows officials to harvest personal data | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian is only aware of the app being used at the border crossing between Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan. You can even peep on the search history as well. Spyzie is one of the popular spying software flared to give a good overview of the monitored device without getting caught by the hands of the one being monitored.

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With Spyzie, one can gain access to the real time location, the names, numbers of the calls made to and fro, view iMessages, message box and the list continues. Moreover, you can keep a check on what the user view on the web browser with this spy phone application.

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If you are looking for an easy way to monitor the desired device then you can consider using Flexispy. A good parent controlling software that can be used in spying the phone and derive the information. With the control panel, you can remotely manage to view the media files, location, thread of messages and the essential documents present in the target device.

The last best alternative to the Spy phone Application is PhoneSheriff , a simple spy application designed to give you the basic detailing of the target phone. So, one is able to keep a track on the real time location and view the essential data types like phone calls, messages, notes etc. The best feature of this application is that you can remotely block the contact numbers and save the data available in the target device in the form of PDF, CSV or XLS file.

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In this article, we've carefully collected 8 best alternatives of Spy phone app. From the list we highly recommend Spyera and XNSPY, that has a good range of features useful in monitoring the target device without incurring any hassles should be great choices for you. Mobile Tracker.

Top 8 Alternatives to Spy Phone App When one is in doubt of a person's unconventional behavior, speculations for that person manifold. Comparison Table In the following table, we will be comparing 8 different Spy Phone Applications with the basic features that are expected from an ideal Spy Application. Update Alternative. Was this helpful? Join the discussion and share your voice here.