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If it is just suggest to your spouse that you get one common iTunes account and use iCloud to backup your phone. You can tell them it is a way to keep their data safe and save some money too by using one account. Then you will get their password.

Spy on your Spouse`s PC Activity

After you put in the iCloud username and password you will see a list of the devices connected to it. First pcTattletale will rip apart their iCloud backup. We will get every text message they ever sent and show it to you. With pcTattletale you can keep up to an entire year of everywhere they went.

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You may need this for court records if you get divorced and need custody of your children. You have proof of the cheating! But you check pctattletale from your own iPhone and find out they were not at work at all:. As you can see you do not need to jailbreak their iPhone. You do not even need to touch it. Unlike iPhone you need to put software on an Android phone to catch a cheating spouse. There just is not an easy way to get all that backed up data from Google like you can with iPhone.

So to catch a cheating spouse using an android phone you will need to know their pass-code and have access to the phone for about 5 minutes. The best time to do this is when they are sleeping. First go to the pcTattletale free download page and make a free account:. Now this app did not come from the Google play store so Android will complain about that. Just check the box to allow apps from unknown sources:.

When you install the android spy app you will find it is actually very easy. We walk you through all the buttons to press. You can put it on their phone even if you are not very technical.

PCTattletale does not require you to root the device either. It works on all versions of Android. Once you have gone through the setup screens and clicked some buttons you will sign into your pcTattletale account:. After you sign in you will see the app disappears after a few minutes. You will not be able to find it. Neither will your cheating spouse. PCTattletale records the screen of everything they do.

You can watch them type out text messages and do their cheating on Facebook. Even if they are sneaky and use apps like snapchat you will still see the deleted messages. Just sign into the pcTattletale website from a computer or your phone and you can see everything they did. The picture above shows how you can see their Android phone from your own iPhone.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

But you can view it from a computer too. You will see the video has all the typical controls to move forward, backwards, play, and pause. See something you want to save as proof? Just right click the picture and save it.

Catch the cheating spouse with invisible keylogger program

Most of the time you will catch them right away with pcTattletale. Typically within a day or two. You will want to confront your spouse. Just know when you do that they will get very defensive and mad at you for spying on them. It is just human nature to not take responsibility for being wrong. The best keyloggers are capable of storing all keystrokes, passwords[[ 1 ], and websites visited on the internet. The more advanced keyloggers even take screenshots and remotely report all their findings to you via email.

There are two types of keyloggers available in the market, the simpler hardware keyloggers , and the more complex software keyloggers. The latter being the more popular form of keylogger, because of the malicious people that spread it on the internet in hopes of stealing your personal information, online bank account or paypal passwords[ 2 ]. Hardware Keyloggers are the devices you connect at the back of the PC.

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The advantage of hardware based keyloggers is that they will not require any type of installation. That means if your personal computer is armed with an antivirus or spy detection software, you will have no chance of being detected. Another pro is that they are portable keyloggers. Before you select your keylogger, make sure you know what type of port your computer uses. Most modern pcs have both, but just to be sure check the back of your computer or unplug your keyboard and look at the port.

The pricing of these keyloggers will depend on the amount of storage space you select. If you leave the house for days or even weeks, to make sure you record everything that could possibly be typed on your computer get the biggest storage you can get.

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  • These spy programs are what you can use for both laptops and personal computers. It used to be rare to find a software keyloggers for macs, but they do exist now. The advantage of using this over their hardware cousin is that because it is software based, the features will only be limited by the developers. Common computer monitoring software features are the ability to take screenshots at set intervals, log the websites visited, log instant messenger conversations and save transcripts, and store password files.

    There are simple keyloggers that function almost identical to hardware based keyloggers, but there are also advanced keyloggers that will let you monitor your computer remotely. Say you are vacationing, and the only person at home is your spouse or a relative. You could monitor how they use your computer or laptop remotely by having your spy program email you daily reports of the activity it recorded.

    Another advantage of using a software keylogger is that you will not need to spend more money because you need larger disk space. The biggest pro in my opinion is that if you suspect your spouse is cheating, there will be no chance of them accidentally discovering your plans on monitoring your home computer because they saw the product you ordered. You can download software based keyloggers instantly, most offer a free trial too. A disadvantage is that some anti virus software targets specific software keyloggers which cause them to either stop working, or be detected.

    This is a temporary setback if you bought a high quality software based keylogger because these are commonly patched to counter anti viri software. The cycle continues on as both softwares patch over each other. Make sure, especially for mac users, that your software will be compatible to your OS.

    Majority of software keyloggers are for windows 7, windows xp, or vista. Mac keylogger softwares are rare, so you should know that any keylogger out there is most likely made for windows unless otherwise stated. Anti Keyloggers are softwares similar to anti virus programs. They can limit the data transferred or completely nullify software based keyloggers. If your current computer or laptop has none, you should install a combination of anti keylogger, anti virus, and firewall softwares to protect you against keyloggers that may be installed in your computer, or accidentally downloaded to your computer from malicious websites.

    Just because you have installed anti keylogger software does not mean you are fully protected against someone recording your keystrokes on the keyboard, because paid software keyloggers, especially those that are subscription based, will consistently patch their software to make invisible keyloggers, or temporarily undetectable keyloggers. If you want complete, or as close to complete, keylogger detection choose an anti keylogger software that is subscription based, or that guarantees regular updates.

    Couple that with similar anti virus and firewall programs. The firewall software is just for those specific keyloggers that transmit data remotely via the internet. Commonly used by hackers. There are absolutely zero ways an anti keylogger software can protect you from hardware keyloggers because the keyboard is directly connected to the keylogger.

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    Wonder what the catch is? Most of these free software are actually used to track YOUR keystrokes. What they give you may or may not work, but most of these sites are just out to install their keyloggers on your computers to steal your personal information or bank account information.